Creative Problem Solving

Behavior Scientific (BeSci) offers a special creative problem solving service for organizations and individuals. BeSci's expertise in a range of disciplines allows us to analyze problems with a fresh set of eyes that are not limited by preconceived ideas about what will work. No problem is too big or too small. BeSci experts eagerly pursue every challenge.

Providing creative solutions involves identifying hidden assumptions and examining problems from multiple perspectives.

BeSci offers:
Wide-Ranging Expertise
BeSci has expertise in areas as diverse as psychology, neuroscience, medicine, physical science, engineering, computer science, statistics, law, economics, and art. This diversity allows BeSci experts to view problems from many vantage points and tap into solutions that others don't consider.
In-Depth Analysis of Problems
BeSci tracks down erroneous assumptions by asking a series of focused questions which break down problems into their critical components and let us analyze them from a myriad of perspectives.
Novel but Feasible Solutions
BeSci believes that there is always a solution and that many roadblocks are self-created. In this capacity, BeSci works with clients to increase their awareness of the full universe of feasible options.
Rigorous Research of Options
BeSci rigorously researches and collects information from a wide range of sources and disciplines.
Efficient and Effective Solutions
BeSci protects clients’ economic interests by solving their problems quickly and efficiently. At each step, clients are apprised of costs and them continuous decisions about how much they wish to spend on a problem. If a problem only takes 30 minutes to solve, clients are only charged for 30 minutes.




The important thing is to not stop questioning. Albert Einstein

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