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Bad choices cost money!

E. Stanley O'Neal's tenure as CEO of Merrill Lynch has led to $52 billion in losses. Financial Times, August 28, 2008. Interviews with O'Neal before he headed Merrill Lynch show that he was more focused on the upside of deals than possible downsides.


Personality tests don't predict actual behavrior.

The Personality Test Myth by Dr. Myra S. White.


Behavior Scientific (BeSci) helps take the risk out of choosing top executives and professionals.

Whether you are seeking new executives for the C-Suite, making an acquisition, or investing in a business, we help you select people for top level positions who can deliver the results you need and take your organization to ever greater heights of success.

Behavior Scientific (BeSci) goes beyond resumes, competencies, and personality tests. It brings to life the real person behind the public persona by digging below the surface and gathering extensive data on a person’s past behaviors. Using this data BeSci predicts how a person will perform in future positons.

The Technology
BeSci uses a sophisticated analytical tool called the BehaviorGram™ that was developed by a Harvard psychologist and lawyer.

Show you ahead of time how a person will lead, execute important tasks, work with others, make decisions, respond to unexpected crises, and handle other critical workplace situations.

Highlight the red flags in a person’s past behaviors that can signal potential problems and the green flags that indicate the person has the success behaviors you need.
Provide valuable information on a person’s strength of character.
Determine a person’s compatibility with existing executives in an organization.
Tell you whether a person has the success skills, passion and drive to be a winner in your organization.
The Product
When you use BeSci, you receive detailed graphical profiles, charts, and behavior maps that cover all dimensions of a person’s character and ability to perform effectively. With these descriptive summaries you can make informed fact-based hiring and promotion decisions.
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